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Vitamin & Mineral Premix

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Vitamin & Mineral Premix

Product Details:

The vitamin and mineral premixes are designed to provide livestock with all their nutritional needs. Preparing these premixes requires paying special attention to the needs of the animal and to the various changes arising from reasons such as genetic lines on the one hand, and adaptation to the needs of the market on the other hand, while also considering the type of raw material in the feed and the effect of changing seasons, different animal physiologies etc.

Vitamin and mineral premixes can be supplemented by various additives per the customer's needs: enzymes, growth promoters (natural or antibiotic), amino acid combinations and coccidiostats. Adding these ingredients directly into the premixes helps to ensure that they are properly and evenly blended in the feeding mixture. 

Deficient composition of vitamin and mineral premixes tends to harm the animals' health and cause a reduction in productivity, which is then negatively reflected in the economic results.