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Promek Agro and Feed Products Limited is a prominent name in the Agro Feed Products sector of Bangladesh. The company incorporated under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 as Limited Company in January 2019. It has strong leadership by its highly skilled Board of Directors and top valued advisory panel.

Since its inception, it has been operating the business in Poultry, Aqua, Cattle Sector including importing and marketing of premium quality Poultry feed, Fish feed, Cattle Feed, and Commodities. The company focused on sustainable quality and agro nutritional solutions towards today’s biggest agro nutritional challenges.

We are one among other largest importer of Fish Meal, Protein Meal, Feed Grade Protein Concentrate, Feed Grade Lime Stone, Soybean Extraction, Corn gluten Meal, DDGS, Choline Chloride, Probiotics, Antibiotics, L-Lysin, L- Thionine, Vitamin / Mineral Premix etc.

Our company's dynamic development and results and the success of the partners collaborating with us would not be possible without the professional skills and the work commitment of the managers and employees of Promek Agro and Feed Products Limited. Day to day utilization of up-to-date knowledge and practical experience in product sourcing and importing, as well as professional services, i.e. the servicing of our partners, is the central element of our strategy. Our commercial and consulting team dealing with the arrangement, import product registration, customs clearance, storage, sales, and transportation.